Quitu-Caranqui Astronomy

Catequilla and the Lithic Disks. Evidences of the Ancient Astronomy of the Equatorial Andes

This publication presents unpublished information on the evidences that prove the astronomical consciousness of the ancient inhabitants of the Equatorial Andes.

It is the first time in the history of the mentioned region, that concrete evidence is obtained about this ancestral knowledge and which, confirms the equatorial identity of the societies that have existed, exist and will exist in this unique geographical space.

We wish to share our results of 16 years of exploration and research of the archaeological site of Catequilla and its context of influence.


For us the equinoctial line is much more than an imaginary line, it is the line that unites our world to make a single world and ceases to be the line that divides it as we have been taught. In addition, it is a symbol of balance, equality and equity. Our Quitsato package consists of a DVD, a CD encyclopedia, informative brochures and a solar watch.


The Oriens project is a cultural proposal, non-profit, focused on education about geography and physical perspectives of the Earth, through which an integral and natural alternative of “Orientation” of the human being on the planet is presented as an Earth Observer. Through this project a change is proposed in the way of understanding the orientation of the human being in the world. Through Oriens, we suggest a more natural way of orienting oneself in the environment, towards the East which is the place where human beings observe the sunrise, it is an educational proposal that seeks to share a human vision of the World, free, fair and natural.

Our Oriens package consists of:

  • Book on Geographical Guidance (in 4 languages)
  • A world map
  • An astronomical map
  • An inflatable globe of 12 cm in diameter

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The Sundial of Quitsato

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