Quitsato is the first integral project of Ecuador, the same one that develops an ample work concerning the study and putting in value of the concept of the Middle of the World, the base of the cultural identity of the Ecuadorians. The project is developed from different activities, which are:

The context of our work is deployed in the Equatorial Andes specifically in relation to the equinoctial line and the archaeological cultural heritage, which has remained anonymous and forgotten by society in general. We intend to investigate the existence and functionality of these archaeological sites with the application of satellite technology; also make them known through a permanent work of cultural dissemination, protection and rescue of cultural heritage. For 15 years, this project has developed a self-management model, and has not received any type of financial aid from any institution.

Cosmovisión Andina Quitsato

The rescue of the self-esteem of society and the enhancement of archaeological sites are the priority objectives we pursue through publications, conferences and integral tourism.

The Quitsato project also develops different projects linked together, where we complement and practice the philosophy that drives us to undertake this project. This philosophy is based on the Andean Cosmovision, which is manifested in the ethical principle of Reciprocity, where the balance and equilibrium of life acquires vital importance for our equatorial culture.

For this reason we have created the ASTROBÚ Project, where people, especially children, have the opportunity to learn, in a playful and interactive way, elementary aspects of Geography and Astronomy.

We also constantly undertake innovation projects in Bamboo, such as furniture, handicrafts, crops, talks, articles and research.

We also explore the customs and ancestral traditions with the aim of rescuing Andean knowledge and tastes. One of our projects “Mishky Huarmy” is the elaboration of Agave Syrup, or Penco Syrup, locally known as Chaguar Mishqui, with which we obtain the best sweetener that exists with medicinal properties. Also with this honey, we have managed to experience the recovery of varied recipes for gastronomic use, approaching the flavors that existed in pre-Hispanic times.
About cultural tourism, our activities, apart from offering services in the Quitsato Sundial and archaeoastronomic routes through the different sites of the Equatorial Andes, we also have thematic exhibitions in the Hacienda Guachalá, the oldest Hacienda in Ecuador, which , it is our study center. In this beautiful site, we offer tours and astronomical talks with readings of the sky at night.

To simplify it, we try to deploy an integral work, through self-management, offering our community an independent model in cultural management and where freedom and reciprocity are our main resource.

Cristóbal Cobo
Diector of Quitsato