The priorities of the Quitsato Project are directed to scientific research, focused on everything related to the Equatorial Line, such as: historical, geographical, astronomical aspects, and above all, investigations, permanent in archaeoastronomy of the pre-Inca cultures, that existed in the Equatorial Andes, specifically about the Quitu-Caranqui culture.

However, during two decades of existence of the project, this has become a fully self-managed and self-financed project, maintaining a free condition, of dogmas and academic commitments that can interrupt these studies dedicated to culture.

For these reasons, the Quitsato Project, always tries to produce different articles for scientific journals, participation in congresses, scientific meetings, workshops, and field schools, as well as conferences and permanent exhibitions. We not only seek to share our findings with the community, but also to promote our publications, since they are the economic support of all our activities, and, this is how, we have made this project, a non-profit management, a sustainable and prosperous proposal through time.

In 2017 we launched our geographic proposal, which is called “Oriens Geovision”, with which we have produced printed texts, inflatable globes, and maps, which explain our proposal on Geographical Guidance, a paradigm shift in usage, domain and discussion about Physical Geographical Perspectives.

We are also making a series of recordings in high format, about our projects, in order to edit a new documentary that will become a renewed part of our material for sale to the public, in a DVD format.

Another medium-term project is the publication of the City of Quito and ancient astronomy. Which presents in a book, the findings made in our research, with a playful format, in order to achieve the concern of the community with issues never addressed in these disciplines.

In short, the project seeks to continue research in order to contribute to the community and thus motivate the community through its own cultural identity, seeking a strengthening of self-esteem and rescue of values and principles, based on the Andean Cosmovision and ancestral knowledge.

Cosmovisión Andina Quitsato