Educational program of basic astronomy, ASTROBÚ

Basic astronomy educational program, ASTROBÚ, is an educational proposal with a ludic and interactive approach to promote the teaching of elementary aspects of Geography and Astronomy, composed of six interactive modules with three-dimensional models, designed and built with geographically oriented perspectives that contribute to the understanding of astronomy from and towards nature.

Many of the models are assembled and designed with bamboo, vegetable fiber easily accessible to both urban and rural communities. At the same time, it seeks to create an optimal knowledge of the use of bamboo fiber, as the vegetable of the future.

Vista aérea Quitsato


Educating with Equity

Quitsato means middle of the world (Quitsa = middle and To = world), in Tsafiqui language of Tsáchilas (ethnic group of the Ecuadorian coast). For us, the equinoctial line is much more than an imaginary line, it is the line that unites our world to make a single world and ceases to be the line that divides it as we have been taught. In addition, it is a symbol of balance, balance, equality and equity. Since we are located right in the middle of the world in the parish of Cangahua, Cayambe canton, we appeal to this paradigm to educate our children within this new consciousness.

Educating with Equity means many things; how to recognize that our children are diverse and that everyone has the right to receive a quality education without distinction of: different abilities, religion, race or economic power. It is also respecting the rhythm that each child has to learn, trusting that they can, and allowing them to build their own knowledge. As well as, give them freedom but with limits, and instill love towards nature so that they take care of it and respect it. It is also to work as a team between school and home so that children can develop their full potential; and it is reciprocity, or randi randi, in our Andean cosmovision.